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"Teaching Singers how to sing high and powerful with a commercial radio sound people want to hear. All this in a way that guarantees lifelong vocal abilities only a select
few have found."

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About Me:

My name is Drew Dawson Davis and I'm a Vocal Coach who's passionate about teaching singers how to sing in ways they've never dreamed of before. Not only can I teach you to sing awesome, but  I can do it one-on-one in the privacy of your own home through the power of Skype. I'll teach you what took me over 12 years to learn from the best vocal coaches on the planet all in short order.  No need to spend thousands of dollars of your hard earned money along with a decade worth of time like I did when you can work with me directly and get on the fast track to singing great. I'll help you find range, style, clarity, and power along with a radio sound people want to hear. Since I'm a true believer that "the proof is in the pudding" I've posted some performances of mine in the link below so you can get a taste of what I teach and how it works.  

I teach people all over the world how to sing using my proven and professional techniques. My videos on YouTube have gained over 6 million views and I've had my songs played on the radio "in rotation" in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. I've been into major record labels such as Sony BMG, and Warner Bro's Records there on music row in Nashville TN. I lived in Nashville for a handful of years and have worked with, and continue to work with the biggest names in the music business. This includes producers, label executives, publishers, songwriters, and my personal favorite being the best voice Instructors in the world. Due to my passion for the best information and vocal techniques available I understudied with the best vocal coaches there are. Coaches such as Brett Manning (who happens to be a good friend on mine), Jeffrey Skouson, and many others. Each master I met contributed something to my singing ability so I learned everything I could from them and continued to build on their foundations with my own experience. I have taken all the best kept secrets voice has to offer from all the best coaches and created my very own method of teaching today. 

I come at voice with a well rounded background as I've worked with Grammy nominated songwriters such as Steve Seskin (Don't Laugh At Me by Mark Wills), Award winning producers such as Carson Chamberlain (Billy Currington, Easton Corbin, Mark Wills etc.) and Garth Fundis (Sugarland, Trisha Yearwood etc.).  I've opened for many large acts such as SheDaisy and The Little River Band. I continue to sing demos for major artists such as Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Big and Rich, Quincy Jones, and many more.  I've written songs with writers who worked with Herbie Hancock and the list goes on
 The cool thing is with all this experience I can teach you to be successful at singing in ways no other vocal coach alive can. I'll teach you to blend this technique with your very own style so you're ready to sell records and take your rightful place on stage and radio if you desire to.  If you just want to learn to sing in the car, I teach beginners too and my practices are great for all levels of voice from beginners to advanced vocalists alike.

About Singing:
Are you tired of not being able to sing the high notes of your favorite songs? How many times have you been frustrated by hearing something as general as "Sing from your diaphragm" from a "so called" vocal coach or choir teacher? Then you look at them and think ???..."wait...I've heard that before and it didn't really help the issues I'm dealing with."  These very hurdles are what kept me from going to vocal lessons when I was starting out. I didn't want to go to my grandmothers vocal coach. I didn't want average help. I wanted something that the best recording artists and vocalists were using to be their best. Something that refined and perfected my talents so whether I was having fun singing in the shower or performing at the Grammys I was confident instead of feeling self conscious about my weaknesses. That's when I found this technique.

So why doesn't something as simple as singing from  your diaphragm fix all our vocal problems? That's because s
inging well is more than just singing from your diaphragm. It's all about vocal cord structure and how the voice works. Telling a singer without proper technique to sing from their diaphragm without dealing with all the other issues that come with singing would be like telling someone who's car is stuck in first gear that the problem is with the tires.  It's great to have good tires, but that's not the main problem.  We would have to fix the transmission to get to the root of the problem first right? Then we would make sure everything else was assembled right so it could perform properly. The same holds true with voice.

Most singers can sing in "Chest voice" which is where you speak. Most of the resonance is below the chest and the tone is considered full. If you walk up to someone and say "Hey" that's chest voice.  If you put your hand on your chest you should feel the vibration there.  Most vocalists can also sing up into their head voice which is the feeling you get when you scream "WOO" at a football game. This sound is light and usually airy with no real depth of sound or tone. Most people feel a massive break between the chest register and the head voice register as they slide up in pitch. That leaves them with a full sound in their low end but they have to start yelling as they sing higher in order to keep that full tone.  Eventually they get to a point where they can't yell anymore and the voice breaks into what most refer to a falsetto.  So two places.  Many people also find they have a lot of range...but that range doesn't have a full sound people want to hear on the radio in the high notes.  The trick is to blend those registers into what we call a "Mixed voice" so your head tones have chest tones and your chest tones have head tones in them. With this way of singing you'll gain range, presence, overtones and everything exciting you've always loved about voice but didn't know why. That's where this technique comes in. It'll teach you to do just that. I can't wait until you experience the singing breakthroughs that come with great instruction as I teach the way I wish I'd been taught when I was coming up. Singing should be easy. It doesn't have to be rocket science. As s
ingers we just want our voices to give off a sound that our souls resonate so we, along with others can enjoy it. I can get you there.

How to take lessons:
Most of my students take lessons from me over Skype which is a free video chat software program.  No matter where you live I can teach you online singing/voice lessons anywhere in the world and accommodate any time zone.  

If you're interested in learning more about setting up a singing lesson please feel free to fill out the contact form with any questions  you may have.

Drew Dawson Davis